Turbocharger | Service and repair

Turbocharger | Service and repairThe turbocharger does not require a special relationship and any maintenance procedures. But knowing the rules of its operation will prolong the service life of the device.

First of all, you must understand that the turbine is lubricated by the same oil that is in the engine. If in the lubrication system of the engine have problems, there will be problems with the turbocharger. As already stated, parts of the device rotate at tremendous speeds, and the lack of oil would just cause breakage or severe wear.

Symptoms of damage:]
  • the engine power decreased
  • the noise during operation of the turbine
  • black or bluish smoke from the exhaust pipe

In these cases it is necessary to check the turbine. But these symptoms may be typical for other breakdowns of the engine.

Turbine should give the diagnosis or repair to a specialized auto repair shop. Even one grain of sand caught in the right place when the turbine Assembly is able to bring it down.

If there are no problems with the turbine and lubrication system and the oil in your car changed regularly, the turbocharger will serve you for many years. As for what would be its lifetime as much as possible, you need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations:

by Running the vehicle engine, not race, crash immediately. After a cold start, it is necessary to prevent high rpm, while details of the turbocharger, and the engine will not be lubricated enough. It should take about five minutes. It is not necessary to stand in neutral gear and wait until the engine warms up. You just need to follow the arrow tachometer, avoiding high rpm. If you raise the rpm of the engine immediately after the start, then the turbine would spin without lubrication, and is quickly broken.

In cars with the turbine appears and a new requirement that is not typical of conventional vehicles. you Cannot turn off the engine on the car with the turbine immediately after stopping. Otherwise, you disable the oil pump, and the turbine will spin, slowing down after its operation, without lubrication. This cannot be allowed. To be idling more than a minute also does not make sense. One minute after completion of the travel significantly prolong the life of your turbocharger.

Another feature turbocharged engines next. The turbocharger is very strongly heated and the efficiency of the oil decreases. It also reduces the life of the oil. You must use only that oil which is intended for operating the engine with a turbine.