Why BMW 3

Why BMW 3BMW 3 is one of the most popular series ever produced by the concern, and E36 were the most successful in sales, ratings, and reviews.

Many people often compare BMW 3 models with similar cars of the time, such as Audi A4 or Mercedes S. The one question is take plaxe: what is better to buy. Cars technical characteristics are the same, but the BMW 3 is little more powerful and has more attractive appearance.

BMW 3-series is the most advanced and the best selling model of this concern. At the beginning of 2005 about 40 percent of sales of BMW AG were also on it. Periodically these cars takes pride of place in various rankings. Often they become the most sold in Europe.

BMW 3 or BMW 5Why BMW 3Also, many people compare different series BMW among themselves, not realizing the major differences. Something like: "BMW 3 or BMW 5 - which car is better?". Here the choice is really an individual thing. To compare representatives of different classes is not entirely correct.

BMW 3 more athletic and nimble car for the city. BMW 5 - more advanced in terms of comfort and are better suited for long roads. Both models are worthy of the attention of motorists. BMW 5 was originally an intermediate option between sports BMW 3 and representative of the luxury BMW 7.

BMW 3 or Mercedes CWhy BMW 3Comparing BMW3 with analogues from other manufacturers often focus on the cost of the car, after all for anybody not a secret that the Bavarians are overpriced for the brand prestige. However on the other hand, few people thought that the maintenance of the prestige of the brand results in additional costs to maintain product quality at a decent level. That's why buying a BMW you do not pay for the brand. You pay for the quality of the product.

Why BMW 3For example, you can compare BMW 3 and Mercedes C1. They are very similar at first glance and even produced in sufficiently close time intervals. But in addition to similarity of appearance, they have little in common. Cars BMW 3 high clearance, more horsepower, rear-wheel drive (merceds c1 front only), more spacious interior, improved fuel economy and a more powerful engine.

Mercedes, first of all, it's a great design both externally and in the interior. The Bavarians same is done for the convenience of driving for comfort driving for pleasure driving. The design of the BMW is not inferior, and many consider it even more progressive. Besides, you should understand that to make the best chassis is much more difficult and costly than the best design.