Ways to remove rust from car body

Ways to remove rust from car bodyDue to the fact that most of the auto parts made of metal, the need to remove rust occurs occasionally. Most often rust removal from car body, which is regularly affected by snow, rain, temperature changes, etc.

Methods of removing rust stains

You can remove rust from metal by mechanical methods, using sandpaper and steel brushes, or by chemical means. Before applying converters and cleaners rust metal surface is always sanded and degreased gasoline.

When removing rust from the body electrochemically corroded parts to attach a small piece of zinc. Then immerse the part with him in water to which was added a little sulphuric acid. Rust with items disappearing in 1-2 days. The detail is washed with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.

Quite often, use fish oil. Place of rust is covered with a thick layer of fat and leave for 2 hours. After the specified time for the removal of rust from metal is carried out easily and quickly. In addition, fish oil penetrates the rust is so deep that prevents further rusting metal parts.

Steps remove rust
Rust removal from car includes a number of successive stages as any other type of repair. The main stages are:
  • careful mechanical treatment (sachedina);
  • irrigation rust converters;
  • washing with water;
  • degreasing and putty;
  • drying the treated area;
  • applying a thin layer of primer;
  • painting with spray gun or other special equipment.

And yet, the car is better to pay professionals to paint the places of rust. Only the service center can pick up the paint so that it did not differ in color from the factory.

Features and rules remove rust
Great importance has the quality of cleaning rusted parts. If traces of rust are not removed completely, the likelihood of re-occurrence of rust is greatly increased.
Although the methods for self-removal of rust a lot, we recommend you not to risk and to refer to specialists.