Where, how much and how – buy properly

Where, how much and how - buy properlyToday the bmw e36 buying - a frank self-indulgence and economy, or a perfect first car option for comfortable getting of the first driving skills. But if we approach the issue of smart buying, then there are a lot to give yourself pleasant impressions of future trips with the wind and the contemplation of various Lexuses in the rear-view mirrors.

How much can you buy used 3 series e36

Regarding the bmw 3 choice, it is possible to buy the used one in the 36th body for relatively affordable money - on average around $2-3 thousand in Russia, 3-5 in Belarus and in Ukraine around 4-5 thousand.

The price depends primarily on the engine volume and vehicle condition. To a lesser extent on the year of manufacture and complectation. As a rule, it will be cheaper by private ads, than to visit a market.

Interesting fact that average prices for the last 5-10 years almost did not move. Now you can buy bmw e36 for almost the same money (very slightly cheaper) as seven years ago. The customs policy and bmw quality - these are the main reasons that the vehicle is kept in the price. But with a note that the price category is very affordable!

How to buy used bmw 3 series and not to miscalculate

Where, how much and how - buy properlyFirst, you need to approach the issue with knowledge of the case. This knowledge is below.
  1. It is extremely difficult to buy bmw 3 e36 with a full body. Cars are old enough and the body is not galvanized and thin enough, that not to make a car heavier with sporting inclinations. If prepared for selling, sparkling third model in the 36th body is standing in front of you, it does not mean that half a year later it will not be covered with beetles, and thresholds will not be flooded with cement or assembly foam with further anti-corrosion treatment of a bottom...
  2. BMW E36 engine - a strong sideof the third model, but it can be replaced if necessary. In contrast to the body ... Checking up the engine, pay attention to extraneous noises and recoil at pushing on a gas pedal. It would be great if take someone with you who has already well driven on this model and can in one ride tell you about the engine condition.
  3. The complectation does not influence too much on the price. The car is quite old and you should try to buy the most equipped version, thus throwing off the price to the average level. The probability of success is high enough.
  4. The most complex repair works with a vehicle are connected with engine columns, gearbox, clutch, starter and electrical products. The rest is simply and thoughtfully.
  5. Buying this BMW because of the rest (except the listed above) problems you can try to throw off the price, but it should not be a reason for refusing from the car.
  6. It is also worth to look narrowly at interior of the third model - if it is worn out, it will be too expensive to change. This applies to seats, cloth or leather upholstery of doors, ceiling. The last one should not sag - it will be a serious problem to glue it.

Where to buy bmw e36

Where, how much and how - buy properlyThis question does not bother anyone a lot - because everyone knows where car markets are located or where to find newspapers with ads for car selling. However, there are some nuances.

First of all, there are always dealers on car markets - professionals of their business, who will add to the cost their desired reward. Here, you can not so easy understate the price, as an owner and seller is not the same person. It turns out that private ads are advantageous, because there are more chances to get on the real car owner.

Another plus in favor of various ads and online bulletin boards - there are much more offers. The reasons are a lot, but believe me, you will not find so much on the car market. You should go to the car market, if you have not decided on the car brand or if the car market is very large and you want to buy something quickly. For example, you have come to Moscow to quickly buy bmw e36 due to the ruble fall - it is better to overpay to intermediaries than to lose the exchange rate difference.

Another popular place to buy bmw 3 in the 36th body is the Internet. Not any commission shops and confiscated items - namely the Internet. And the question here is not only that to visit a popular car website with bulletin board (this must be done). The question is, that to be able to use the search. Try Googling or phrase in Yandex, for example,
bmw 3 series to buy in USA
and further limit your search by date. For example, take the last month. Thus, you will get all that search systems could find on all websites with ads, and believe me, they are able to look much better than you.

Here are some of the popular Internet Bulletin boards in Germany, where you can buy BMW E36:

I wonder, will someone recognize his car market above? - photos are
Where, how much and how - buy properly Where, how much and how - buy properly Where, how much and how - buy properly