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E36 parts catalog

Alternator, individual parts 80A BMW E36 - 318i M43, Convertible, Europe

(11.1993 - 09.1999)

Alternator, individual parts 80A BMW 318i M43 E36 Convertible, Europe

Table of parts on the pictures:

#QuantityPart numberExtra infoDescription
1112 31 1 247 306Number plate frame
2112 32 1 739 435VALEOVoltage regulator

Other groups from the related topic - 'Engine Electrical System':

Label, Spark Plug Change High Power
Ignition coil/spark plug
Ignition wire/spark plug
DMC Cover and Mounting Parts
Uncoded DME control unit
Basic cotrol unit DME
Basic cotrol unit DME
Programmed cotrol unit DME
Alternatormounting parts
Alternator, individual parts 80A
Starter mounting parts
Starter parts 1, 4kw
Engine wiring harness
Engine wiring harness
Battery cable(battery rear)
Wiring connections
Cable holder
Cable holder
Laminated contacts/spring contacts
Relay motor
Relay motor

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