Komfort ski holder BMW E36 - 316i M43, Sedan, Europe

(02.1993 - 09.1998)

Komfort ski holder BMW 316i M43 E36 Sedan, Europe

Table of parts on the pictures:

#QuantityPart numberExtra infoDescription
11 82 72 0 406 587Ski carrier
11 82 72 9 408 998Ski carrier
24 82 79 9 410 995SKI HOLDER
312 82 79 9 404 119Plastic ring with spring
41 82 12 9 413 171Key (Code)
54 82 79 9 404 6031 STÜCKLock cylinder with key
61 82 79 9 405 805One-key locking
71 82 79 9 405 806Special tool

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Suppression filter
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Outdoor temperature indicator
Battery charger
Replacement parts for radio navigation
Replacement parts for radio navigation
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