BMW E36 Engines: M40 (M42, M43, M44)

BMW E36 Engines: M40 (M42, M43, M44)BMW engine M40 was designed as a new power unit for 3 series E30. It was produced from 1987–1995. From its predecessor M40 received already familiar design cast iron cylinder block, but aluminum head have already been applied lifters, which together with the change of chain drive camshaft belt on made the engine much quieter. However, in the following model M was again used chain drive camshaft as well as in modifications of this engine M42 and M44 engine that had 4 valves per cylinder.

The M40 engine uses Motronic 1.3 fuel injection system. It is in general a reliable engine, with some units approaching 300.000 miles without being overhauled. But there are some issues with hydraulic tappets. They are are known for ticking over time, this is usually due to wear from oil starvation and poor maintenance, also M40 engine is more susceptible to lobe wear than any other E30 engine, usually caused by a blocked oil spray bar and a poor combination of materials. When the cam is worn, the engine will not "rev" high and the only solution is to replace it.

BMW M40 engine was used:

Engine SizeCylinder diameter/strokeStart yearwas Used in models
159684mm x 72mm1987E30 316i, E36 316i
179684mm x 81mm1987E30 318i, 318iS, E34 518i, E36 318i
159684mm x 72mm1993E36 316i
179684mm x 81mm1993E34518i, E36 318i
189583.5mm x 85mm1998E46 318i
179684mm x 81mm1989E30 318iS(M42)
189585mm x 83.5mm1994Z3,E36 318ti E36 318iS (M44)

BMW m40 engine models

M40B16 (E30 version)1,596 cc102 hp at 5,500143 Nm at 4,25062001987
M40B16 (E36 version)1,596 cc100 hp at 5,500141 Nm at 4,25062001991
M40B18 (E30 version)1,796 cc113 hp at 5,500162 Nm at 4,25062001987
M40B18 (E36 version)1,796 cc113 hp at 5,500162 Nm at 4,25062001991