Bavarian coupe exterior features

Bavarian coupe exterior featuresBMW E36 very different appearance from its predecessors, because the model 90 has got a radical change. For example, bmw 3 coupe became longer and taller, gained weight and was proud of the perfect weight distribution on the axles. The latter has made E36 coupe a true "car driver".

BMW coupe started to be sold only in 1993. Initially they went with problematic build quality of the cabin, some defects in electronics, but in the future all these shortcomings have been corrected.

Why BMW 3 Series coupe popular now

Bavarian coupe exterior features

BMW 3 Series coupe it:
  • notable appearance
  • dynamic
  • style

The bmw e36 coupe volume of the cabin is increased by 10 liters, in comparison with the predecessors in the 30-m body. Trim made with taste - every detail is included in the General design brand wisely, harmoniously. The coupe was designed from scratch, and this was done to obtain the optimal design, both inside and outside.

Bavarian coupe exterior features

Driver functionality described in the style of the highest quality Bavarians. Here everything is at hand and all requires minimal effort from the driver and on the other hand contribute to a comfortable driving that really knows how to ride. But you need to ride on this car as a driver, in order to enjoy all the benefits of the car.

The rear seats are not particularly large, but will fit easily even adults. Formula 2+2 does not really apply here - the rear seats fully. Trunk medium size, capacity 435 litres. Rear Z – suspension is considered an advanced technological solution at the time.

Problem areas in the bmw 3 series coupe e36 is not a lot, but still they are. First of all, this is a body that is not entirely resistant to corrosion, like the other 36's and glasses (cups) rear supports, especially on cars with 6 cylinder engines.