BMW 320i – most popular in the lineup

BMW 320i - most popular in the lineupGerman concern BMW AG is a premium manufacturer of quality cars for a long time. Releasing the third generation of its third series, the company took a leading position in Europe in terms of sales. First and foremost this is true for E36 models: bmw 3 series 320i and bmw 3 series 320d, which still are the most demanded on the secondary market.

bmw 3 series 320 e36 - strengths

BMW 320i - most popular in the lineupSince the beginning of 1990's biggest concern in Europe, BMW AG started production of cars BMW 3 series 320i that will long be remembered by the critics. Just as an improvement variant of the E30, experts foresaw BMW 320 E36 small levels of sales and last lines in the automotive rankings. However, to err is human. In just the first year of production were produced and successfully sold over 253 thousand units.

BMW 320i - most popular in the lineupthe Engineers have changed the power of the engine, increasing it by up to 150 HP, and the design of externally acquired a little different feel. By lengthening the body and increasing the wheelbase of the car was much more spacious for passengers. Compact model to fully become comfortable car. Among the advantages of BMW 320i e36:
  1. Ideal handling and balanced behaviour on the road;
  2. Enhanced instrument panel quality monitoring of the condition of the engine;
  3. adjustable handlebar height(optional)
  4. fuel efficiency
  5. Good performance.

BMW 320i - most popular in the lineup the engine of the bmw 320 is necessary to tell separately. The fuel consumption of a 6-cylinder engine is exactly the same as the 4-cylinder 318i, although the machine with 6 cylinders is considered much better than BMW with four. Thus in a series of 6-cylinder, BMW E36 320i was the most affordable. It launched real BMW.

BMW 320i - most popular in the lineupAfter a successful start of sales of the BMW 3 Series 320i, the company began to think about the release of another model of the same series. A couple of years in sales came 320d BMW 3 sedan with even more extended wheelbase and more fuel efficient, especially on the track. For the company it was a breakthrough. The conveyor worked day and night. Orders were very many. BMW has overtaken on indicators such giants as Ford and Mercedes.

Even during the release of the BMW e36 320 advertising novelties slogan was "driver's Car", and it was so.

BMW 320i - most popular in the lineup BMW 320i - most popular in the lineup BMW 320i - most popular in the lineup BMW 320i - most popular in the lineup

Five types of bodies BMW E36 was issued by the company. It's a wagon, hatchback, convertible, sedan and coupe. Today you can buy any, and each of them will match the style of the owner. For example, a station wagon is more suitable for family trips, a sedan business – like style, the convertible walking type of machine.

BMW 3 series 320 did the trick, bringing the company a lot of money on the further development of what we now see on the roads.