BMW 3 series sedan review

BMW 3 series sedan reviewBMW 3 can be called legendary, or even revolutionary, because the model was changed to the ground in comparison with its predecessor. Dimensions BMW 3 became significantly more, the car became wider and longer, higher and heavier. It was characterized by excellent weight distribution, which allowed it to become the perfect "driving" car. However, the glory BMW E36 left in the 90s, because today the young E36 for over 15 years, and buying a legend of the 90s, you should pay attention to some details.

Features of BMW E36 sedan

BMW 3 series sedan reviewFull 4 doors, human hood and the right boot is the classic shape of the car, which is justified by the history of the automotive industry. If you take a premium car, the first thing it will be a sedan. But the third series is not representative, it is rather lightweight, sports car. But judging on our roads, sedans sold more than all the others combined BMW E36. The convenience and lower price than the BMW 5 and, moreover, BMW 7, in combination with sports options have become popular BMW 3 series sedan.

BMW 3 series sedan reviewWhen buying a used car, the issue of corrosive resistance of the body comes to the fore. BMW 3 E36 sedan body has problems with rust, but they are not global. As a rule, suffer the sills and arches, and they need to pay attention in the first place - see the bottom and from the inside, because the outside of them close up to the ideal state. Find BMW e36 with the whole body, especially if the previous owner cared for the prevention of the body, but the risk is very high.

BMW 3 series sedan reviewWhat else can be noted in the sedan? Not much, actually, only its appearance with more comfortable saloon with 4 doors and a trunk E36 Sedan stands out from the rest of the bodies 3 series BMW. There is nothing supernatural in the trunk box to the right tools, a spare under the Mat and some free space for Luggage (435 liters). The rear seats do not fold flat.

BMW 3 series sedan reviewInside BMW E36 saloon spacious not be called, despite a pretty decent bodywork. The driver is clamped between the wide center console and doors, its landing is obtained by sports limited (relative to other series BMW). Seats in the back too, not too much. Comfortably can accommodate only two passengers.

In addition to a compact arrangement, the driver has excellent ergonomics and comfort control - all for proper and safe driving. All control is left to chance and does not distract from the road. If you change several cars, you may well be able to appreciate the convenience BWM 3 series E36.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the e36 bmw 3 series sedan price is not much different from prices for other types of body E36. There can be only slightly more expensive. As for the price of BMW E36 overall, this is the best combination of price and quality in the budget segment cars today.