A small overview of 318i e36

A small overview of 318i e36Bavarian plant pleased its customers with unusual speed, reliability and feature forms since 1917. BMW initially produced aircraft engines, later bikes, motorcycles and finally, in 1932 in the automotive market appeared first on car from BMW. Many years later, engineers learned to use previously acquired knowledge in different industries. From aircraft engines is the power and speed from the motorcycle is compact and fun to drive, Bicycle from-the simplicity of the designs. All these factors helped the Bavarians to continue to create dream cars.

BMW 3 series 318i is a great car but it falls short of true BMW according to many. In the heart of the car lies the m40 engine (m43) 4 cylinder. This is not enough for a proper BMW. After all, this BMW is well known for its sporting opportunities, and the e36 318i, you can only go sideways in the snow in winter.

And yet, BMW 3 series 318i e36 on the road a lot. The reasons for this in the e36 the best of all the price and quality at the moment of release of the car in those early 90s. Not everyone could afford more cool modification for the money and join the happy owners of the brand wanted.

A small overview of 318i e36Since 1991 the car was produced in body styles: sedan, hatchback, convertible, coupe and station wagon. Basic BMW 318 e36 was fitted with a 115-horsepower engine, although there are also options for bmw e36 318is, where i is the injector, and s is a sport. The motor of this model by 25 horsepower more basic.

A small overview of 318i e36 the vehicle ranged from completely blank version, in which the glass even had to open the hands to fully equipped with leather and air conditioning. As such, the interior BMW E36 318 comfortable and will not cause you problems, although it had taken a while and now the car interior looks old and worn out. If you take the most ordinary bmw 3 series 1996 release, the state of the interior will still be normal, but the design can no longer be compared with new cars.

A small overview of 318i e36BMW E36 318 sport and has clean habits, like all e36 cars. For example the angle of the shock absorbers - the Bavarians were among the first who started to put them also, as in racing cars. This helps the suspension to cope better with the irregularities that are much safer on the road. Gearbox with motor for a couple every gear is pushed forward, as if behind your car was hit by a freight train.

A small overview of 318i e36This car has all the advantages of BMW. It was produced with a 1.8-liter engine and a 4-or 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. Externally, it is indistinguishable from more serious BMW 3 series in his family. Quality full Bavarian is not deprived. And it is much cheaper than the 6 cylinder e36. So why not buy such a machine? - at the time, of course. To date, it is not particularly relevant, because the border price is eroded.

And yet, buying a BMW 318 e36 you choose a decent car for the evil of everyday life, the car that you will be not only to carry to destination, but also to delight in the road.