M50 – The Best Engine For Bmw 3

The M50 is the best engine for bmw 3 seriesInline engine with 6 cylinders and 24 valves (4 per cylinder) with size 2 and 2.5 liters was first shown to the public in early 1989, under manufacturer markings M50B20 (2.0 l) and M50B25 (2.5 l). Being substituted for the 2-valve M20 BMW 5-series E34, later it started to install as a native bmw 3 series engine for all E36.

Stable and reliable performance, along with progressive characteristics, these motors BMW E36 gained a worldwide recognition as the best of the best engines of the time, becoming the winner of many ratings. On the basis e36 M50 in 1992 collect the S50 engine for advanced m3 version of the 3-series BMW.

The M50 is the best engine for bmw 3 seriesthe Main difference from its predecessor in M50 was the cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder and 2 residually (DOHC), driven by two chains (in the M20 engine was belt). Add forged connecting rods, lightweight pistons, completely smooth the intake manifold on a half lighter than its predecessor, the increased compression ratio and a number of less significant improvements. The changes were significant.

BMW M50B20 engine

Was Installed on a BMW E34 520i and BMW E36 320i, becoming the most popular engine BMW E36 by the number of cars sold. It began "real BMW" with 6 cylinders, which are so warmly praised and loved by all advanced Amateurs and admirers of the brand.

BMW M50B24

Thai specification 3-and 5-series cars bmw 3er e36 with M50 displacement of 2.4 liters (2394 CC) is a rare guest in our market.
The maximum bmw 3 series horsepower for M50B24 is 188 HP at 5900 rpm, and peak torque of 235 Nm falls at 4700 rpm.

The M50 is the best engine for bmw 3 series

BMW M50B25

bmw e36 M50B25 engines installed on e36 325i and e36 325is models. You can also find it under the hood E34 525i and 525ix. This is the engine that is now the subject of dreams of all who wants to do a SWAP. Both this and the proud owners of a BMW 325i. However, m50b25 was not the most powerful e36 engine in the BMW lineup. This is because with a full range of bmw 3 series engines there is little sign. As a General rule. they are distinguished by size and year of release and nothing more. And yet, were the engines to 92-year-m50 and after the 92nd m50tu and the difference was significant, even though the volume remained the same 2-liter and 2.5 liter versions.

Specifications M50B25 see below.


seriously Modified in 1992 m50 turned into BMW M50TU20 and BMW M50TU25, which had a number of advantages over standard M50:
The M50 is the best engine for bmw 3 series
  • better torque curve in the mid rpm range
  • slightly reduced fuel consumption
  • fast idle steel below
  • improved engine response to the accelerator pedal and engine acoustics
  • decreased the release of contaminants into the atmosphere

Improving the performance of the E36 engine BMW M50 were achieved through advanced "brains" DME3.3.1 (M50TUB25) and Siemens MS 40.1 (M50TUB20). Appeared Vanos system, increased compression ratio, upgraded pistons with rods, appeared thermoplasty air mass meter and the number of innovations that have served the common cause.

As you can see, BMW 3 engines in one body and even with the same volume may differ among themselves, so selecting the "advanced" car, you need to consider this fact and carefully check the factory markings.

Characteristics of engines BMW E36 M50

engine typeinline-6-cylinder
alignmentfront30º to the exhaust side
side2,28º ago
effective engine capacityDM³1,992,9491,992,949
cylinder boremm80848084
the stroke/diameter cilindro0,8250,8930,8250,893
horsepowercut/l s110/150140/190110/150140/190
at frequency of rotationrpm5900
at speedrpm4700470042004200
power densitykW/DM³55,356,155,356,1
the compression ratio:110,5101110,5
 of cylinders1-5-3-6-2-4
maximum piston speedm/s14,316,2514,316,25
diameter valvemm
release2730.5 cm2730.5 cm
passing seceneit./VIP.240º/228º240º/228º228º/228º228º/228º
the opening angle Klebanovit./VIP.96º/104º101º/101º105-80º 
110-85º (VANOS/101º)

bmw e36 engines m50 and s50 power and year

Engine MarkEngine SizeHorsepowerTorqueYearCompress
M50B201,991 cc (121 cu in)110 kW (150 PS; 148 hp) @ 6000190 N•m (140 lb•ft) @ 4700199010.5:1
M50B20TU110 kW (150 PS; 148 hp) @ 5900190 N•m (140 lb•ft) @ 4200199311.0:1
M50B242,394 cc (146 cu in)138 kW (188 PS; 185 hp) @ 5900235 N•m (173 lb•ft) @ 47001991
M50B25is at 2,494 cc (152 cu in)141 kW (192 PS; 189 hp) @ 5900245 N•m (181 lb•ft) @ 4700199010.0:1
M50B25TU141 kW (192 PS; 189 hp) @ 5900245 N•m (181 lb•ft) @ 4200199310.5:1
S50B302,990 cc (182 cu in)210 kW (286 PS; 282 hp) @ 7000320 N•m (236 lb•ft) @ 3600199210.8:1
S50 (US market)179 kW (243 PS; 240 hp) @ 6000305 N•m (225 lb•ft) @ 4250199310.5:1
S50B323,201 cc (195 cu in)236 kW (321 PS; 316 hp) @ 7400350 N•m (258 lb•ft) @ 3250199511.3:1