Clutch Replacement. Estimate the amount of work

Clutch Replacement. Estimate the amount of workClutch car breaks down from time to time. The most popular failure is a worn clutch disc. The symptom is very simple. If the car does not accelerate with a sharp increase in engine speed, the clutch disc needs to be changed.

So, there is a desire to do the work yourself, but don't know where to start, and what lies ahead... First of all, to get straight to the point - replacing the clutch is the problem. Nothing complicated, but a lot of work. When the required tools, new parts and pit or hoist for a day you can manage to do all the work. When you have experience you will be able to do it faster.

Tools required: set of keys (the more and more diverse, including variable angle, the better), ratchet and tire iron.

Work this procedure consists of several stages:

  • removing the silencer - not necessarily, but it's more convenient to remove the gimbal

  • removing the driveshaft is required. If the muffler is not removed, you can Unscrew all that holds the driveshaft and then pulling them from the seats, slightly pushing back the car.

  • Unscrew the starter - the procedure is almost the most difficult, it will require a set of long keys. The starter is located almost at the top of the box, and all the work of loosening have to do it by touch. The starter is mounted on the two long bolts unscrewed and left hanging above the engine.

  • removing e36 shift knob - Unscrew all from the cab of the car and the gearbox. Press down the barrel of on which shift knob left hanging.Clutch Replacement. Estimate the amount of work

  • removing gearbox - Unscrew all bolts attaching the box to the engine in a circle. Unscrew the mounting feet from the body and pushed the box back (or even eliminate it down so as not to interfere).

  • remove the clutch - now that your clutch before you can safely remove, just Unscrew all the bolts around the circle - also it is very simple and not difficult to guess what exactly to Unscrew.

To perform the Assembly in reverse order. The most difficult thing is bolted to the engine transmission. You need to very accurately place the clutch disc and move the box, you have to hold the weight.

As you know, the work is quite unpleasant and it is better to entrust specialized workshops.