Main Sensors of the car

Main Sensors of the carThe correct operation of the sensors greatly affects the performance of the car. If, for example, fails the camshaft sensor, the car will start, but will not respond to pressing the gas pedal. But if crankshaft sensor fails, the car will not start immediately or will be weak to gain momentum. Although the symptoms of failure are different.

Sensors monitoring engine performance BMW E36

Main Sensors of the car Main Sensors of the car
  1. Crankshaft sensor installed in the front of the engine. Its task is to determine the frequency of rotation of the engine to control the ignition and injection, to include the relay of the fuel pump.
  2. The camshaft sensor installed near the valve cover head. Recognize the individual cylinders for the fuel injection.
  3. The stock air flow sensor (MAF) installed between the air filter and the throttle. Based on the indicators of air flow BEP determines the necessary amount of fuel.
  4. Temperature sensor bmw e36 install in the ducting before the MAF sensor. It is necessary to clarify the level of air flow in the engine, is necessary because of the changing density of air when heated.
  5. BMW E36 sensor coolant temperature (CTS) is integrated in the cooling system. Built-in thermistor records the change in voltage on which BEP determines the temperature of the engine. This temperature is used to adjust the ignition and injection.
  6. Position sensor throttle valve is designed to control the throttle position.
  7. Knock sensor mounted on the engine block, reacts to changes in the noise of the engine. According to him the corrected advance angle of the cylinder to determine the optimal timing.
  8. The oxygen sensor (lambda probe) is set on the exhaust manifold, monitors the composition of the combustible mixture.
  9. The oil pressure sensor is mounted on the engine block next to maslany pump monitors the oil pressure in the system.
  10. The idling sensor located opposite the junction of the air filter with the intake manifold of the engine.

Other sensors BMW E36

  1. The wear sensor of brake shoes mounted inside the pads, signals on the ultimate degree of grinding of brake pads.
  2. The ABS sensor mounted on the caliper, monitors the correct operation of the ABS system.
  3. Sensor heater fan mounted on the damper of the stove fan, in a place where there is air leak.
  4. Fuel level sensor mounted on the fuel tank. Monitors the fuel level.
  5. The air temperature sensor overboard install left wheel. It is inserted in a plastic tunnel, is mounted behind the fender.