BMW E36 antifreeze replacement

BMW E36 antifreeze replacementNothing can be simpler, you just need to take into account a couple of nuances. So, for draining of remnants of the former anti-freeze or water, use the special drain hole in the bottom of the tank (numeral 9 on the picture). It is possible, if necessary, to remove the bottom branch pipe in the same place. The first nuance - unscrew the cork and bolt, which are numbered 7 and 8. When all the liquid is drained, tighten the bottom bolt-cork in its place.

Now about the filling up. It is clear that you need to fill it up from a broad tank top, but the second nuance - the bolt for removing air from the radiator (№7) should be be disabled. It is also important that a car was wound up and a heater was turned on with the maximum heating and maximum airflow (the last one is called into question, but exactly at the maximum heating).

Now fill up until through the bolt of air removal №7 our antifreeze will pour more or less with steady stream, then at first tighten this bolt and later the expansion tank cap.

That's actually all. Finally, remember, if your heater stopped to heat, especially gradually stopped, check the fluid level in the cooling system and attentively monitor the engine temperature with the help of gauge. If the temperature only begins to grow and you need to drive to the destination (which is extremely undesirably), then turn on the heater in the cabin at a maximum temperature and airflow, and do not forget to keep an eye at the temperature. If the oven does not work - by short dashes pour some liquid, if possible to find on the road.