What to look for when buying the BMW E36

What to look for when buying the BMW E36If you decide to buy a BMW E36, you should be aware that buying an old bmw 3 is a daunting task that will require from you understanding the main problems of this car. So, check state of the car before buy.
What to look for when buying the BMW E36

Weaknesses old bmw 3 e36

  1. What to look for when buying the BMW E36The car body - this is the largest problem that you need to check first, if you decide to buy any used car, especially used BMW E36. It is very important for BMW 3 series of the 90's. Everything else is repaired not hard and not expensive but if the body began to rust, it is a big problem.
  2. Electronics - This is no serious troubles in electronic system of the car, which can be invisible. The situation is that the main electrical equipment or works, or the machine will not go. Everything else is little things that can be corrected. May be you need to check the connection of computer to the car. It should be visible for all systems, otherwise you will get problems with the diagnosis of the car. Also, pay attention to the ignition - should be two keys and both keys should start the car without additional devices under the steering wheel. Be sure to check the fuses. If there are blown fuses, then there are some problems in the respective circuits electrical circuits.
  3. Transmission The Failure in car transmission spoil the overall impression of the car. But it is can be repaired, of course. Only you'll need to visit automobile service to fix. It will cost not small money, because repair is not simple.
  4. What to look for when buying the BMW E36Car interior - E36 already enough old model and beauty may be in poor condition.
  5. Steering - Here everything is convenient for the driver, but only when working properly. And there are a lot of things to break down in the steering can pretty much. - steering rack, steering shaft, steering booster etc

The car engine is the strongest side of the e36. The suspension is the weak point in all cars. Read about below.

Diagnostics of the BMW e36

  1. What to look for when buying the BMW E36Car body - Arches, thresholds and the bottom of the rust first. "Thresholds" is the weakest point of the car and they rot first. Evaluating E36 BMW, be sure to inspect and feel thresholds. Pay particular attention to the "thresholds" part near the rear wheels. Some craftsmen, hiding the holes in the metal, manage the pouring of cement, or even foam, and the top sealed with putty and paint over.
    Carefully inspect the wheel arches in a bright Sunny day. Any color change to the parts means that the car repainted. Carefully inspect the arch on the inner side, removing the wheel or from under the car. There's a chance to see the putty.
    Check the body for welding. This may not be easy, because it can be treated with a special protective composition.
  2. Electrical - Make computer diagnostics and make sure that the computer is able to connect to all subsystems of the car. The presence of a working connection is really important.
  3. What to look for when buying the BMW E36Transmission - first of all, we are talking about the gearbox and the clutch. Sharply try to start in third gear. If the car stalls, then the clutch is normal. Gearbox to check harder. Pay attention to any irregularities in the gear shift.
  4. Car interior - change ceiling is not difficult. But the problem says that the car is poorly managed or there are some problems with the floor or with car body at whole. Glue the ceiling is not an option. The covers on the seats, if there are such, it is necessary to raise and to check seat status.

  5. What to look for when buying the BMW E36Steering - lugs, thrust is consumables. The rail can be repaired, but it will cost a pretty penny ~$100. Check the steering pump. It may not perform its function fully and to turn the steering wheel will not be so pleasant as possible!