BMW E36 Wheel and Tire Size

BMW E36 Wheel and Tire Size
Generation: III (E36) [1990 .. 2000]
The ranges of possible values for tires and rims for a BMW 3 Series 1996
Tires for BMW e36
Diameters: 15.0'' - 17.0''
Width (mm): 185 - 225
Tire aspect ratio (%): 45 - 65
Smallest tire size: 185/65R15
Largest tire size: 225/45R17

Rims for BMW e36
Bolt pattern 5x120
Diameter: 15.0'' - 17.0'';
Width (inches): 6 - 7.5;
Offset (mm): 40 - 47.

TireRimPCDTP (f / r)
185/65R156Jx15 ET405x1202.1 / 2.2
205/60R156.5Jx15 ET405x1202.1 / 2.2
225/50R167Jx16 ET405x1202.3 / 2.4

RIM: Ex.: 7J x 15 ET35 Rim width (in) x rim diameter (in) J is mounting flange type. ET35 is positive offset of 35mm. It is vital not to deviate too far from the offset of the wheel originally fitted to the vehicle.

PCD: This is the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the centre of the bolt holes. PCD is measured in mm. E.g. 4x100 means the wheel has 4 bolt holes and the diameter of the imaginary circle through the bolt holes is 100mm.
TP f/r:Tire Pressure (front / rear)" data-content="Vehicle's recommended cold tire inflation pressure. It is measured in bars or PSI (pounds per square inch).

is possible to install:
R15 195/65R156.5jx15 ET42-47
R15 205/60R157.0jx15 ET42-47
R16 225/45R167.5jx16 ET42-47
R17 235/40R178.0jx17 ET42-47
R17 265/40R179.5jx17 ET42-47
R18 235/35R188.0jx18 ET42-47
R18 265/35R189.0jx18 ET42-47
R19 235/35R198.0jx19 ET42-47
R19 265/30R199.5jx19 ET42-47