Chiptuning – information on car chip improvement

Chiptuning - information on car chip improvementWhat to do if not satisfied with the power of automobile, and splurge on serious revision or change car is not possible? The most simple way of increasing the power of the engine – changing the program of engine management, or chip tuning. With this approach, on the power unit will not have to spend money. The only mandatory condition is that the engine should be fully operational.

In order to understand the process, you first need to understand where, who and how made improvements. With this tuning, all you need to do to the car is replace the engine control program. The engine begins to give more power after that. Once it becomes unclear why the producers, making the engine capable of giving power, for example, 130 HP restricted this indicator at the level of 115 HP. this is Done to prolong the life of the engine, to reduce CO2 emissions and to reduce fuel consumption.

Chiptuning - information on car chip improvementthe Electronic Engine Management System is software that resides on one or more microchips, which gives all the necessary settings for operating the motor vehicle. The main objective of the computer for petrol engines is the definition of need and the maximum possible injection of the fuel mixture. A mixture of gasoline and air is made to fit the proportion required for the proper operation of the catalyst. Thus, if you have an old machine on which the catalyst has long lost its capabilities, the engine control program for you is no longer effective and the car simply loses its potential. It is worth noting that the catalysts do not live more than five to seven years and are very expensive. Therefore, in older machines, the resonator is mounted on the seat of the catalyst. In this case, the engine control program no one modifies. This is why chiptuning will be the right solution for an old car.

How chip tuning works

For proper operation of the catalyst, the proportion of the fuel mixture must be kept constant and it depends on the amount of incoming air. This is the first task of the program of engine management. The next task is to determine the exact time of ignition of the fuel-air mixture. If ignition occurs later than you need, will increase the consumption of gasoline, but if before, then in the power plant of the car will begin detonation. These are the two main tasks of the chip that controls the engine.

Chiptuning - information on car chip improvementIts main objective of EDMS decides based on the analysis of many factors (data coming from various sensors). The engine control program must take into account not only the type of engine with the factory specifications, but also any force that can be applied. If You do chip tuning car and then install the turbine supercharger, the settings for the electronic engine management system will have to change again.

All of the data required for controlling the motor are in the chip. Based on these data, EDMS perform calculations necessary in the given time the amount of fuel for injection. The result of this calculation is visible when you press the accelerator pedal. If the results are not completely satisfied, you can slightly change the settings of the chip to hold the chip-tuning. Laid on the plant margin of safety will allow you to raise the engine power, without reducing the resource of the power plant. But to have done by professionals who know their job.