BMW E36 Fault Codes

BMW fault codes list and their descriptions. This are the Universal Error Codes you can see in DME using special scanners. And one bonuse more: Did you know that your BMW 3 Series has an internal diagnostic program built into the computer? Not many people know about this. On the BMW 3 Series, there is a way that you can diagnose common engine problems without having to purchase a code tool or take it to the dealer to have it scanned. This is one of those neat little features of the Service Indicator Computer; the series of lights directly under the tachometer and speedometer that remind you to change the oil and perform service...READING FAULT CODES
110178E36 318tds Oil dipstick
110179E36/M52 DME File Update (cylinder wear detectors, M52)
110301E36 328iA US An additional tensioner pulley is missing
110401E36/M52 - Lambda probe plug is not located
110501E36 M52 B20 Israel Cylinder barrel surface wear detector
110601E36 Coolant hose rubs on the oil filter housing
110901E36 - O-ring between oil filter and timing cover case
111001E36/M43 - Piston rings
111401E36 S50 B32 VANOS needle bearing
111501E36 M44 Front intake support (ZA only)
111801E36/7 E38 E39 E46 M52 LEV/EU3 Oil filter housing
112001E36 US M44 Short circuit to eartch/open circuit in oxygen sensors
112101E36 US M42 Routing of Lambda probe cable
112301E36 M52 B25 Retrofit special-purpose motor with GG crankcase (SA 961)
112601E36 E38 E39 E46 M41 M47 M51 vacuum pump
113101E36 E46 M43 Drive belt pulley for A/C compressor loose
113301E36 E46 M41 M47 Incorrect installation of big-end bearings
113501E36/7 (with SA 199) exhaust emission values incorrect
113601E36/3 E38 E39 M51 Cylinder head gasket leaking
113701E36 E46 M44 M43 Valve spring incorrectly fitted
114201E36 E38 E39 M52 Control characteristics of double-plate thermostat
114501E36/7 M52 Incorrect installation of coolant hose
114901E36/2/4/7/C ECE (S50 B32) VANOS cover threaded connection
115001E36 E39 M52 Nikasil engine conversion (CKD Vietnam)
115401E36/5 Support for intake manifold loose
116101E36/7 E39 E46 M52TU Characteristic map thermostat
116201E36/7 E46 S54 Oil change
116601E36/7 E39 E46 M52 (US) Crankcase breather
120160E36 M52 B20 Protective pipe on battery+ hose
120161E36 M52 B20/B28 DME-electronic control unit, final stage
120201E36 M52B28 US Incorrect program status OBD2
120301E36 M52B28 US Incorrect poling of the secondary air pump
121001E36 S52 Overspeed storage in the DME-electronic control unit
121401E36/S52 DME Data status
121501E36/Z3 US with M52B28 - DME Data status
121601E36 E39 M52 B28 US (not including Z3) DME fault code entry, oxygen sensor
121701E36/M44 Engine wiring harness/line to injection valves
121901E36/5 M43 B16 DME malfunctions/failure
122701E36 E39 M52 S52 US Crankshaft position/rpm sensor failure
123501E46 E36/C Threaded connection of battery negative lead
123601E36/7 E39 E46 M52 US OBD Fault memory inquiry/readiness code
124001E36/7 M52 Engine cooling - reprogramming DME
125201E36/7 E46 M52B20 Reprogram DME (engine cuts out)
125401E36/7 E39 E46 E53 M54 DME ECU Program - (E-)OBD lamp activation
125701E36/7 E39 E46 E53 M54 Programming DME control unit
130142E36 S50/B30 Throttle valve potentiometer
130601E36/316G, E34/518G - CNG/DME electronic control unit file update
130701E36, E38, E39 with M52 - Coolant hose for throttle valve preheating
130801E36 US - 3/2-way valve on body floor assy
131501E34 E36 518g 316g Replacing pressure control unit
160112E36 M50 US Tank aeration line
160301E36 M42 LA804 Closed active carbon filter drain hose
160401E36/Z3 Contaminated fuel tank
160501E36/4 US Incorrect fuel pipe
160901E36 without /5/7 Fuel supply line at delivery unit
161701E36/2/3/4/C Leak in fuel hose at in-tank pump
170501E31 E32 E34 E36 Replacement of radiator cap (USA)
170601E31 E32 E34 E36 Replacement of radiator cap (rest)
180104E36/5 Heat shield plate
180301E36 M52 Catalytic convertor screw connection /secondary silencer
180401E36/7 Z3 M44 Exhaust system damper is missing
180501E36/5 M52 Exhaust system mounting bracket
180901E36/4/7 M44 US Replacing catalytic converter
210101E36/M41 Clutch pipe is broken
210501E36 E46 Clutch release bearing incorrect
230301E36 E39 E46 Transmission oil drain plug leaking
230401E36 M3 (for option SA 793) Connector gear detection potentiometer
230501E36 E46 gearbox securing bolt
240120E36/323iA LA Japan - Exchange electronic transmission control unit (Jatco transmission)
240121E36 323iA Electronic transmission control unit (Jatco)
241501E36/7 E46 E53 M54 Programming/replacing EGS control unit
250201E36 - Incorrectly built in gear lever rod
260101E36 Propeller shaft screw connection
310113E36/4 Spring strut
310114E36/5 Front axle wishbone screw connection
310117E36/4/5 Lower spring strut screw connection
310701E36 Wishbone screw connection on engine mount
320122E36 320i/4 325i/4 US Knee protector stiffening brace
320124E34/E36 M50 Duroplast belt pulley
320125E36/5 Steering stop limit
320401E36 RHD Steering spindle corrosion
320501E36/5 RHD Steering spindle screw connection
320601E36 Z3/318i US Steering wheel screw connection
320801E36/7 Z3 Airbag module screw connection
321001E36 - Steering angle limiter is missing / incorrect tyre setting
321701E36 M50 M52 Power steering pump pulley (ZJ only)
321801E36 Steering lock limiter not installed
322101E36/5 E46 Track rod threaded connection, front axle
323001E36/5 E46 Track rod threaded connection
323701E36 RHD Steering spindle corrosion
330111E36 M3 Rear axle bearing
332301E36 E46 Eccentric screw, control arm
340112E36 Japan Break fluid return pipe
340113E36 RHD ABS electronic control unit
340114E36 Brake boost
340115E36 ABS-Sensor
340601E36 M52 S50 Incorrect vacuum hose
340801E36 - Rubber bushing ABS Mark 20
341001E36 - Replace ABS Mark 20 electronic control unit
341101E36 US/Compact, Z3 with M44 - ASC spare wheel recognition
341201E36 - Brake boost/master brake cylinder
341701E36/7 ABS hydraulic modulator connection
342301E36/7 Vacuum hose clip
350301E36 / Z3 Accelerator pedal mounting
350501E31, E32, E34, E36, E38 - Cruise control/bowden accelerator cable assy
350601E36 / Z3 - Bowden accelerator cable assy fitted incorrectly
360113E36/5 SA337 Tyre setup
360114E36 M3 Size of rims in the automobile papers
360901E36/5 - Check wheel nuts
410201E36 with SA 786 - Flanging for 17 tyres
411001E36/7 Coupe Crack in B-pillar
412601E36/7 S50 Checking bracket for final drive unit
510132E36/5 Sticker for tyre inflation pressure
510137E36/4 318tds Covering for cooling air intake
510139E36 Convertible cover flap covering
510140E36 convertible US Tyre pressure information plate
510141E36/3 Gas filled spring holder for boot/trunk
510143E36 CAB Front reinforcement cross
510144E36/4 Seat fastenings
510145E36 Compact - Rear side window is not tight
511401E36/Z3 - Pin for door arrester strap
511501E36/5 - Bearing mount on rear bench seat
511901E36/7 Guide plate catch hook (USA only)
512101E31 E36 E38 E39 Mechanical key code incorrectly documented
512701E36/7 Tyre pressure information plate
513201E36/7 Bonnet (hood) lock pin, lock nut
520401E36 M3 US Replace head restraints
540201E36/5 Open air - Folding roof sealing junction
540301E36/7 Z3 M-roadster arrester strap of tonneau cover
610131E36/4 E36/5 Light relay
610132E36/5 (without SA 530) Rear window heating switch
610134E36 SA314 Door lock heating relay base
610135E36 convertible US Battery
610136E36/3 Rear window washer
610142E32/E34/E36 325i US Brake light switch
610501E36 US Centerlock sensor
611101E36, E39 or touring - Exchange vehicle immobilization control unit with SW 03 (vehicle does not star
611201E36/4 - Loose connecting cable to battery in the boot (in part SA 832)
611801E36 convertible with SA 395 - rollover sensor
612001E36 316i LHD Idle current distributor
612601E36/7 S50 Throttle operation remaining suspended (relay support)
612901E36/7 M44 S50 S52 Short-circuit on B+ cable
613001E36/7 M Roadster/coupe US ASC switch/indicator lamp
613101E36/7 B+ lead loose at battery terminal
613201E36/7 Retrofitting adapter lead for CD changer-radio
613301E36/7 M43 LHD Retrofitting set of cables for speedometer signal
613601E36/7 US Replacing clutch switch and support bracket for B+ distributor
613701E36/7 US Replacing clutch switch for starter inhibit
613801E36/7 M43 (without SA 530) Retrofitting double temperature switch
614701E36/7 M43 RHD Electrical connection, secondary air pump
620901E36/7 US (not including M-models) Re-encoding instrument cluster
630401E36/5 Replace rear lamp
640117E36 (without /5) Ventilation flap touches
640124E36 328i Air-conditioning compressor
643101E36/7 M54 Intake line, A/C compressor
651101E36 RHD with SA 260 - Side airbag
651301E36/4 Side airbag module
651501E36/Convertible with SA 674 sound volume faulty
651701E36/C Harmon Kardon hi-fi system
652101E36, E39 Replacement radio Business CD RDS
653001E36/7 coupe retrofit DWA interior space protection
653201E36/7 Replacing side airbag sensors
653401E36/7 Retrofitting power supply line for daytime running lights module
653701E36 M3 US Re-encoding airbag control unit
660104E36 AUS Radio remote control 315Mhz
710111E36 M44 US Exhaust instruction plate
710201E36/5 316i Incorrectly filled in vehicle registration documents
710301E36/7 S52 Exhaust emission information plate incorrect
710401E36/7 E39 S50 S52 S62 M-Mobility system hose routing
710701E36/7 Tyre inflation pressure sticker incorrect
720114E36 Compact Child's safety belt
720115E36/2, 4 with SA 465 - Rear safety belt
720501E36/7C Upper belt retractor rests on B-pillar
820101E36 E46 E39 E38 Replace baby seat
990301E36/7 M54 B30 Owner's Handbook missing/incorrect
990401E36/7 M54 B30 Mistake in Owner's Handbook
10329157E36 M44 Vibration when idling, vibrations in the seat
10329309E36/7 E46 E53 M54 B30 Engine stalls when steering is turned to full lock/when braking
11129148E36/7 E38 E39 E46 M52TU cylinder head, leak in coolant area
11159169E36/7 E39 E46 M52/TU Crankcase ventilation line worn