Drivability tuning

Drivability tuningNot very good vehicle handling is the problem of so many production cars. If the car is not too fast, the drawback is minor. But, if you like to drown a pedal in a floor, and your car allows you to do, convenient and reliable control is responsible for your safety and comfort. With bad steering drive fast will be difficult.

Too soft suspension or the car drifts on the road make the car's handling is little suitable for fast driving. These issues do not necessarily follow the car from the factory. Usually, the wear of suspension affects the handling of the car. But what if the vehicle suspension is in excellent condition and the steering want to make it better?

Large diameter alloy wheels & Low-profile rubber

The first thing to do is to change the wheel to the wheel with a large radius disc and a correspondingly smaller height of the rubber. Lower profile rubber improve cornering, as there will be less rubber to bend under the effect of centrifugal forces on the car. Moreover, the increase in the width of rubber for better grip that will also affect handling. Note that large diameter wheel can hurt the vehicle when it is loaded. That's why the height and width of the wheel profile must be chosen in the acceptable range. The manufacturer defines the limits of the wheels. You also need to pay attention to weight, material and method of manufacturing wheels.

Low-profile rubber may be easy destroed by bad roads.

springs and shocks

The next thing you can do is replace the springs and shocks. They are responsible for swinging and “wave” while driving. They are also to blame for the large inclination of the vehicle on turns. You can buy ready-made kits springs and shocks, or to purchase them separately. In the first case you need to buy a kit that has been tested for your vehicle. In the second – will have to act randomly. Buying the springs and struts separately, you can get an unpleasant cumulative effect.

If you tune the suspension so it is possible to achieve lowering the car and less roll on cornering. But such tuning significantly reduces comfort long drive. Lowering the center of gravity of the car by installing shorter racks You thereby reduce and free running of the vehicle suspension. You will have to think pretty hard shock absorbers, to prevent actuation of the regular bumps. Plaza, Koni, or Eibach are examples of great sets from the companies, professionally dealing with the issues of tuning. Driving should significantly improve after done with the wheels and suspension. You will feel it after driving at high speed on the highway and complying at higher speeds than could previously afford, to smooth or not so smooth turn in the road. But, also, You can feel that the steering of your BMW e36 is still not perfect. So You still have to work.

struts shock absorbers stretching

It's time to increase the rigidity of the body. Weak structural rigidity of the car body is the reason that your steering is still not ideal. To achieve the required stiffness of the car body allow stretching of the front and rear struts shock absorbers. This is a very simple tuning, just open the hood and fasten the strut to the glasses. The same thing is done with the rear of the car. You will find struts BMW e36 without difficulties. Their cost is not too great. You can also support to strengthen the gearbox or install extra support under the engine. But this tuning is more complicated and its efficiency is much lower. The work will allow the car to reduce the roll when cornering. Improve directional stability and steering precision of the car. Your car will be more obediently respond to every movement of the steering wheel.

Optionally, you can replace the factory-installed upper mounts front struts shock absorbers for improved. The bushings can also be replaced by a more hard. The same can be done with stabilizer bar. But all this is minor.

Don't forget that the best result is achieved with integrated tuning of car suspension and body in ways that have been mentioned above.