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E36 parts catalog

Short Engine BMW E36 - M3 S50, Convertible, Europe

(11.1993 - 08.1995)

Short Engine BMW M3 S50 E36 Convertible, Europe

Table of parts on the pictures:

#QuantityPart numberExtra infoDescription
1111 00 1 402 378_306S1Short Engine
1111 00 1 402 379Exchange short engine
2111 00 9 065 090Set Mounting Parts Short Engine

Other groups from the related topic - 'Engine':

Short Engine
Engine Suspension / Damper
Engine block
Engine Block Mounting Parts
Timing case
Oil sump/dipstick
Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Attached Parts
Cylinder Head Vanos
Cylinder Head Vanos
Cylinder head cover
Cylinder head cover / Cover
Crankcase-Ventilation/oil separator
Belt Drive-Vibration Damper
Belt Drive Water Pump/Alternator
Belt drive air blower
Crankshaft with bearing shells
Crankshaft Connecting Rod
Flywheel / Twin Mass Flywheel
Timing and valve train-timing chain
Timing and valve train-timing chain
Valve Timing Gear — Cam Shaft
Lubrication system/Oil pump with drive
Lubrication system-Oil filter
Cooling system-fan/fan coupling
Waterpump — Thermostat
Cooling System Water Hoses
Intake manifold system
The engine vacuum
Exhaust manifold
Exhaust manifold
EXHAUST gas treatment system air blower
EXHAUST gas treatment system air blower

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