BMW m3 e36 – the best car of the 90s

BMW m3 e36 - the best car of the 90sBMW m3 e36 by rights is considered the best car of the 90s of the last century. It was created primarily as a street racing third model by the Bavarians. The third series of 36th body itself used to be at the peak of progressivity in the massive sports and civil segment, and the m3 became the best of the best at the moment of its appearance. Beating its time for a decade, the car by rights is considered to be competitive nowadays, although the price segment of the secondary market is much lower.

BMW m3 e36 - the best car of the 90sAs with the case of the first bmw m3, the third series served as a basis, which, however, in many ways has been reworked:
  • A very aggressive body kit was added;
  • Arches were unrolled;
  • New wheel trims and innovative aerodynamic mirrors were set.

These changes have made the new bmw e36 m3 more stylish and attractive. Its athletic appearance fascinates. Although it is similar by its appearance to a conventional "third" car, looking into the technical documentation, we realize that bmw m3 e36 is another car. The vehicle is for a reason called the "car of the century", because its appearance and excellent handling can not fail to fascinate.

The power of bmw e36 m3

For the second generation of the series a new engine was created, which was the inline three-liter and six-cylinder motor. In 1995 it was restyled and another improved engine with 3 liters volume and 321 horsepower output started to be used here. It was complemented with the innovative system of variable valve distribution. Along with a powerful engine the car also has got a six-speed manual transmission. These renovations made it possible to achieve 100 km/h speed just in 5.5 seconds.

BMW m3 e36 - the best car of the 90sTwo years later bmw m3 e36 has got a new sequential gearbox SMG. It was the same mechanics, but now it had no clutch pedal and was equipped with an electrohydraulic drive. Transmission made it possible to change gear just in 0.15 seconds.

Regarding a suspension, so in comparison with other representatives of the third series, it became lower and rigid. This has significantly improved the car behavior on the road and, first of all, when cornering.

Initially the brake matched a powerful engine, but the car has got vented dual wheel trims of a weighty size in its restyling. There were a lot of improvements in comparison even with the before restyled version, it is clear that bmw m3 greatly differed from the usual third model.

Interior features of bmw m3

BMW m3 e36 - the best car of the 90sMany owners of bmw m3 e36 were urged to buy it primarily because of sports temper, but the design was in the second place, while both the exterior and interior design. Regarding the last one, the cabin interior had significant differences from the rest third series. It is necessary to start with chairs - today they cost in not killed condition about one thousand dollars on the market and are a matter of pride for lucky owners. Along with the rest cabin decor they are upholstered with leather.

So-called "homologation" variations of cars were also produced in a limited batch for different markets. In fact they were all identical, although they had some non-critical differences.