Owners’ Comments on BMW 3 Series

Owners’ Comments on BMW 3 SeriesIf in general characterize BMW 3 Series, which appeared on the market long ago, the big name, Bavarian quality, advanced technology and sporty temper glorified the car at the time, and since then, its popularity is growing among car drivers. For six generations, the legend’s models have occupied their own niche and found their own customers. Since 1975, when the first BMW 3 Series were produced, many changes have taken place, however positive comments of the lucky owners remain unchanged.

Summarizing comments on BMW 3 Series

Owners’ Comments on BMW 3 SeriesFancy BMW 3 Series presumes execution of the body in different variations: sedan, hatchback, station wagon, convertible, coupe and a special sports version of M3. The series often gets in the ranking of best-selling cars in Europe. In support of such popularity, automobilists distinguish the following:
  • smooth driving;
  • efficiency in the operation;
  • high-class configuration;
  • European quality;
  • reliability;
  • good sound insulation;
  • quite good maneuverability.

Owners’ Comments on BMW 3 SeriesOf course, every-year releases differ by new option and innovations. But BMW 3 Series, about which comments of the car owners summarized above, have not only positive aspects. Thus, the first models in BMW line had a very rigid suspension, which during operation appeared to be stronger than in the other brands of cars. Fuel consumption increased unpleasantly sharply at high speed. But a slow drive on such a fancy car is intolerable. Poor rust-resistant of the body in 3rd generation (e36) and inexpressiveness of 4th generation (e46) in comparison with the third one is “a drop of poison” to some extent, but it does not spoil the overall picture in any way.

BMW 3 Series, opinions of owners from the first person

Owners’ Comments on BMW 3 SeriesComments are a very important and useful way to transfer the experience of car drivers who got it by practice to those ones who are still only going to do it. Let us give you a few “live” opinions about different generations. Here are the comments on BMW 3 Series:
  • «BMW 3 series 1997, Sedan, E36 generation, mechanical transmission and rear-wheel drive. The ferry trip was almost 500 km. The weak point happened to be the wheel bearing, which “buzzed” a little. But we managed to get to the point. The car was in operation for three years. During that time it had only minor repairs and replacement of consumables. The reason for sale is the purchase of a new model. Positive Impressions».
  • «New coupe, 2013, mechanical transmission and rear-wheel drive. Sport seats of the model allow sitting even a big and tall man. The design is aesthetically pleasing and streamlined. Fuel economy pleases (6 liters per 100 km). Keyless start adds comfort and convenience. The topcoat is very resistant to contaminants. Generally, the most wonderful impressions».
  • «Sedan, 2003, automatic transmission, 4WD drive. The gear box is very "smooth" and stepless. There are no complaints on the engine operation. Sometimes I had problems with the suspension, but in general I am very happy with the car, its reliability and good consumption of materials. It is not a problem to order original spare parts for BMW 3 Series today. Their cost varies within the reasonable limits. In addition, there are lots of non-original spare parts of good quality and at an affordable price at the market».

Comments on BMW 3 Series make us thinking of the pedantry approach of the automobile concern that took the values mentioned by us earlier as a basis. But this is the true face of this wonderful Bavarian company and BMW brand which is loved all over the world!