Engine Disassembly and Assembly: Engine Removed (M50)

Engine Disassembly and Assembly: Engine Removed (M50)General sequence for the work on the mechanism of the engine valve gear. The steps for removing the power plant and repairing the hang-on parts are not listed.

Place the engine on the assembly stand.
Remove the thermostat housing.
Remove the cap of the integral cylinder head.
Remove the cylinder head.

The procedure of camshaft adjustment
Install the cylinder head on the mounting device.
Remove the camshaft.
Remove the back-pressure valve.
Remove the valves.
Check the valve guides for wearing and fatigue.
Apply the guide reamer to the valve guides.
Check the valve seatings and then grind the valves to their seats.
Replace the valve stem seals.
Check whether the cylinder head is leak-proof.
Check / treat the sealing face of the cylinder head.

Engine overhaul
Remove the three-phase generator.
Remove the tension roller together with its mounting bracket.
Remove the oil filter housing.
Remove the water pump.
Remove the torque torsional damper.
Remove the hub of torque torsional damper.
Remove the oil sump.
Remove the bottom cover of the gas distribution mechanism.
Remove the lower driving chain and chain guides.
Remove the oil pump.
Dismantle the oil pump.
Remove the clutch basket / fly wheel.
Replace the crankshaft thrust bearing.
Remove the connecting rods together with the pistons.
Remove the connecting rods.
Replace the inserts of the connecting rod bearings.
Replace / check the pistons.
Replace / check the piston rings.
Remove the crankshaft.
Replace the inserts of the main bearings.
Replace the piston cooling nozzles.