Used BMW 3 е36 – useful tips

Used BMW 3 е36 - useful tipsBMW 3 e36 is a realy good used car. But pay atention on car condition because that is your future financial costs. You can save a lot of money buying used car. Buying a brand new car from the salon, you will have to pay a lot of money. Used car will realy save you thousands of dollars. But bad used car will take you a lot of money or time on repairs. There are few basic e36 problems you need to check before buying car. And these items are important in everyday use of the car.

Used BMW 3 е36 - useful tipsOne of the strong advantages of the bmw e36 is a simple repair. Old BMW 3 was made very simple, break less often and require less attention. If you are lucky to initially get the car in good condition.

  • corrosion of the body protective treatment of the bodywork against corrosion. It is not recommended to keep a bmw 3 with a run in the not-ventilated garage. Old BMW's don't like such action. There are a lot of cars on sale with body corrosion problem.
  • engine cooling system - water pump has a certain life, and after this time the part should be replaced. Keep an eye on the viscous coupling - if the impeller is loose, then sooner or later will break apart and can catch the radiator. An usual e36 problem is old hardened plastic expansion tank of the radiator. It is deformed and this is impossible to repaire. It is necessary to replace along tank with the radiator.
  • steering - our E36 is famous for its excellent steering, but the steering rack, including the tips of the steering rack, constantly fails. There is nothing wrong here, but pleasant too little. You will be hard to turn the steering wheel. Oil from the steering rack under the car or rumble from under the hood when turning the steering wheel will spoil to you mood. All these problems of steering are associated with absense of fluid in power steering.
  • exhaust system - burned through and there is nothing we could do. It happens with any old car. Under the replacement.
  • terrible car interior - do not leave your car in damp environment and make sure that you have no holes in the bottom of the car. It is should be dry inside the cabin. Otherwise, all the fabric from the ceiling and doors can come off and have to change.
  • constantly breaking suspension - drive carefully a car which provokes aggressive driving... This is not an option. Just periodically re-examine the suspension and fix it in the beginning.
  • Immobiliser - won't start BMW E36, could not hear starter, although the starter normal? Immobilizer is a possible reason. This device disables the car's ignition, if you do not have the correct key. So if you buy this car, check for another car key.
  • Power System - If compromised intake system impermeability, the excess amount of air is very bad for the engine. Watch out for the rpm that they would always behave predictably.

How to serve BMW E36

Used BMW 3 е36 - useful tipsFew General tips on maintenance:
  • Usually, used BMW 3 is able to run without major overhaul. Change oil on time, do not exceed the rpm and warmed up with no load in the large cold. Bavarian motors were really high quality.
  • Do not keep the car in damp environment long - impact on the body and the cabin.
  • Pick up the spare key.
  • Suspension diagnose and repair on time.

Used BMW 3 е36 - useful tipsThat's all. The machine is quality and will withstand a lot. These problems, of course they are typical, but they are unimportant (except the car body).