BMW 3 Series 318i – Secrets of success

BMW 3 Series 318i - Secrets of successBMW is more than a dozen years produces cars, which stands the test of time. And it's not so much about the appearance of cars, how about the incredible quality undercarriage parts. When purchasing a car of the Bavarian brand, the buyer knows that the car will last him more than a dozen years. One of such models have always been the BMW 3 series.

BMW 3 is one of the most popular cars of the company. But what's so incredible about BMW 318i e36, and why the car remains popular to this day? In order to answer this question, we need to remember 1980. Because then the factory in Munich went down the first BMW 3 models E21.

The model had only two doors and staffed a 1.8 liter engine, rated at 105 horsepower. The car was equipped with a fuel injection system of power. While the appearance of the car has impressed all. On the exterior BMW 318i 3 series worked such famous designers as Wilhelm Hofmeister, Paul Marriage and Klaus Ljuta. That's why the first BMW 3 series became the prototype for all subsequent models in this series.

Today in the global automotive market presents many different modifications BMW 318i 3 series. Among them are bmw 3 series hatchback, sedan and even wagon.

In 2005, the Bavarians presented the fourth generation of this model. And they certainly have not stopped.

To learn about all the qualities of the BMW 3 to the example 318i version Special Edition.

In this configuration the model is equipped with xenon headlights, leather steering wheel, alloy wheels and many other pleasant trifles, which could raise the cost of cars to 29.5 thousand euros.

Appearance modifications BMW 3 318i 2005 Special Edition looks a little too heavy. The salon is harmoniously designed. Particularly pleased with the three-spoke steering wheel and comfortable shape of the lever six-speed manual transmission. Behind the wheel of this car is starting to forget about what's under the hood of the car is only a four cylinder and 129 HP

Speaking of power characteristics. Two-liter motor start up surprisingly quickly, despite the e36 weight 1435 kg. Model 318i accelerates to 100 km/h in 10 seconds, and observe absolutely no shocks. The car has to drive at high engine speeds. Although the engine will not allow thoughtlessly to overtake, not pre-switching transmission. Gearbox has a high clarity switch and acceptable weight. Another plus of this model is its excellent chassis.

Even despite the hard tyres, BMW 318i 2005 does not lose balance and rides quite comfortably.

BMW 3 series has always allowed you to get maximum pleasure from driving.