A Couple Hints On Tuning The BMW E36

A Couple Hints On Tuning The BMW E36The BMW E36 is a perfect target for tuning and modifications. The vehicle is incredibly popular, and the aftermarket offers aplenty of parts. On the other hand, despite being manufactured far back in the 1990s, the car features exterior and dynamic characteristics comparable with those of the modern mid-market production cars, so you won't be ashamed even once.

Our hints will only touch upon technical aspects, because your mileage may vary as to the exterior beauty. In addition, this article will reveal how much the chip tuning costs and how power output and torque vary in different modifications.

1. Shock Absorbers
You should definitely change the shock absorbers. Good shocks are made by Bilstein B6, Koni Sport, H&R.

If you want to decrease the clearance:

take front shocks with 4 cm lower coils;
take rear shocks with 2.5 cm lower coils;
or take a kit of shocks with coils that are 3 cm lower both in the front and in the rear.

Why so?

Because if you install shock absorbers of different dimensions, the center of gravity will shift and the vehicle will be rolling while cornering.

You can also take a shock absorber kit with coil springs 8 cm lower in the front and 6 cm in the rear. However, in this case the road clearance will be too small. It will allow only for racing on a perfectly smooth pavement, and not for flawed open roads. Otherwise, in a couple days you'll have dented underside and used-up suspension.

And one more hint.

Don't try installing a set of too rigid shock absorbers, considering the average road pavement quality. Otherwise, in a while, the vehicle will be difficult to handle while cornering.

2. Front UCAs

Replace the factory UCAs with the ones they install in the BMW E30 (but not the M3 version).

In the E30, ball joins of the upper control arms come without bushings. With that, your E36 will acquire more handleability and ease of steering.

And if you install polyurethane bushings in the front and rear control arms, the steering wheel will be easier to turn, and the car will be obedient like a well-trained dog.

3. Stabilizer Bars

Replace the factory stabilizer bar with a H&R product. It will significantly decrease the wheel load while cornering. As a result, the vehicle won't be rolling.

4. Bracings

The bracings make the body of the car much stronger. Aluminum bracings will be the most appropriate. They are more expensive than steel ones, but they are also lighter and equally reliable.

5. Braking System

You should definitely replace the factory brake hoses with reinforced lines. They do not expand when you push the braking pedal; they allow for proportioning the braking power; the braking system will quicker respond to your pushing the pedal.

6. Wheel Disks For Tuning

Pick up a set of alloy wheels. Choose the lighter ones. If you'd like to improve your vehicle's dynamics, buy a R15 kit; if you'd like to improve handling, the best option is R17.

Chip Tuning Of BMW E36
BMWpower (before/after) torque (before/after)
1) 316i102/111 hp150/168 Nm
2) 318 tds90/113 hp190/255 Hм
3) 318i115/127 hp168/187 Nm
4) 318is140/151 hp175/198 Nm
5) 320i129/140 hp164/182 Nm
6) 320i 24V150/163 hp190/212 Nm
7) 323i179/182 hp245/272 Nm
8) 325td115/141 hp245/288 Nm
9) 325tds143/175 hp260/320 Nm
10) 325i192/206 hp245/280 Nm
11) 328i193/203 hp280/300 Nm
12) M3 3.0286/305 hp320/340 Nm
13) M3 3.2i321/340 hp350/382 Nm