E36 windshield washer not working

E36 windshield washer not workingthe BMW e36 is quite simple washer system windshield, despite the many details in it. Most of these parts is different fastening elements.

Fundamental to this system is the washer tank, washer pump, hose from pump to washer jets, washer jets (which are placed on the outside of the hood, and sprinkle on the glass) and check valves (before jets that prevent fluid drain back into the tank).

If the system is not working properly, or not at all, then it is immediately noticeable, because a lot of inconvenience in bad weather. Causes of failure here is a little something clogged, or a torn hose or pump, or an electrician to launch it, either liquid over. If the washer jets work poorly, but still working, then most likely they are clogged, or slightly torn hose. In the latter case, lift the hood you will see wet spots on the insulation.

Check whether the pump is working also not difficult. If the washer pump is buzzing and if you removed the hose has a fluid flow - the pump runs.

The biggest problem is if something is clogged. One or both washer jets, in this case, fully or partially stop working. Options are not many - will have to go under the hood to remove the upholstery, and remove e36 washer jets, checking the pressure of the fluid after the check valve, and then these valve when the pressure is weak. This way you can figure out where the clog is.

The problem is that just because of the blockage does not happen, if you got debris in the washer tank, then wait for re-painting. You should carefully examine himself liquid tank that would be on the bottom doesn't lay anything extra. If there is debris, you have to remove the tank, dump the trash, remove the nozzle with valves and blow through the hose.

Wiper blades - a small addition

Wiper blades cant work properly without windshield washer. Do not use them. You can erase the brushes themselves or you can scratch the glass. In addition, without water wiper blades just smear the dirt on the windshield.

There are no special E36 BMW 3 series wiper blades. In case of exchange old ones for new you can select usual wiper blades widh the same size as your old ones. But be carefull because their sizes are different between driver's (48-53cm or 20-22 inches) and passenger (48cm or 20 inches). You can put 21 and 20 and it will works perfectly.