Alternator repair

Alternator repairThe weak point of the car, the generator can not be called. BMW has installed the most common generators and the same problems to all. Those brushes are erased and erase rings that run these brushes. Possible gaps in the coil or a problem with the bearing. There is some problem in the circuit that require an understanding of the approach. But in General terms, and a quick repair can be done simply by replacing the generator at the same but serviceable. Or withdraw your and to pay for repairs, thus saving on removal / installation details.

Remove a alternator BMW E36

If you look at the photo above (can be increased), it is clear that for convenience it is necessary first to remove the "environment" that will interfere. I.e. Plastic guide airflow to the engine (rests on two mounts at the top, after opening which is removed by lifting upwards), the impeller (Unscrew the 4 bolts securing it to the viscous coupling, or the coupling shoot down from the seat. Now you need to remove the belt that drives the generator rotor is in motion. To do this, relax the tensioner (how to do it depends on the engine - sometimes a wrench, sometimes a star, but usually it is necessary to twist counterclockwise).

We are now ready to proceed to the removal of the alternator bmw e36. It is secured by two large bolts - they are very easy to find. Unscrew, Unscrew the wires from the back side (hard to crawl, but really) and take out (gently knock) the generator. Here actually and everything, the withdrawal process is completed. Really not difficult!?

Alternator bmw e36 ready for your repair, or to attend a workshop, or to the replacement. As you wish, and proceed. Put everything in reverse order.

Continue. Alternator inside

Alternator repair

If you decide to proceed further, we need to understand what to expect and what to look for.

Popular malfunction e36 alternator:

  • current collecting brushes wear;
  • wear of the slip rings;
  • damage to the voltage regulator;
  • gap and shorting of the stator winding;
  • problem of the bearing;
  • damage to the rectifier;

About the problems of the alternator we will report continuous discharge of the battery, ambient noise (howling) from under the hood, increasing headlights as you gain speed (When turning the ignition key do not pay attention to the voltage drop in the network. In this case, there is a switch from the battery to the alternator and there is increased load on the source - two).

Alternator repair

To define the problem you need to check the voltage on the machine turned off and with engine on. If the difference in a big way with a running alternator no - the battery cannot charge. Check the fuse, disassemble the alternator and check the brushes with rings.

The integrity of the excitation winding of the rotor check the multimeter. This is done by switching the multimeter is in the measurement mode of resistance to both the contact rings of e36 alternator. The resistance should be from 1.8 to 5 Ohms. If less, a short circuit in the coils, and if the above is a direct breakage of the winding.

Now check the stator winding breakdown. To do this, disconnect them from the rectifier unit and connect the multimeter is in the measurement mode resistance. If the value is infinitely large, then the contact of the winding with the case no.

Disconnected from the stator windings of the rectifier unit can be checked for the serviceability of the diode with the same multimeter in "diode test". First the positive probe connected to the plus or minus of the rectifier, and the negative to the conclusion phase. Remember the reading and replaceable styli places. If the values differ, then the diode is serviceable, if not different, it is defective.

Alternator Repair

Brush, belt and bearing repaired by replacement with serviceable. Rewind the windings is not grateful in cost and easier to replace the entire alternator for bmw e36 it is not very expensive.