Steering rack and power steering: Malfunctions & Repair

Steering rack and power steering: Malfunctions & RepairPower steering system BMW E36 is quite simple. It is as if apart from the rest, in contact with the engine in the place of fastening of the steering pump and steering shaft near the steering rack. Of course, V-belt, which spins mounted on the engine twists and power steering pump. And the rest of the system Gur is offline.

Power steering system consists of:
  • power steering pump
  • the windshield extender
  • steering rack
  • conductive high-pressure hoses

The point is that e36 power steering pump generates pressure in e36 steering rack, helping to turn the driver wheel, expansion tank ensures that in the system was constant filled fluid circuit, and the steering rack increases the effort of the driver when the pressure of liquid Gur in the desired vector depending on the rotation direction of e36 steering wheel. It is clear that only the running engine would spin the power steering pump.

Steering rack BMW E36

Steering rack and power steering: Malfunctions & Repair

This is the weak point of the car, as many believe, forgetting that the car is no longer new, and this node is under constant load. Steering rack BMW E36 no better no worse than on other cars.

There are two types of power steering in cars - hydraulic and electric. Second, we will not consider. With regard to hydraulic power steering, it works the same on all cars. The principle of operation is briefly has already been announced - the reallocation of extra effort from the liquid under high pressure in the direction of rotation of the steering wheel. Hence the first conclusion is that the car can safely go, in case of malfunction power steering, only to turn the steering wheel will be heavier.

Another important point is old at the moment the steering rack just can not break. It is expressed primarily in the oil stains under the car. Determined visually. Repairing is necessary because the oil should not leak from the system, otherwise sooner or later will emerge all in system will get air and there will be problems with the pump.

Repair and maintenance

Repaired itself will not work - high (and often minimum) you need to remove and give the steering rack in the workshop turners and fitters.

Tips of the steering rack have to be replaced often - they break from bad roads. This can be done by yourself, and even without the pit - just removing the wheel and lifting the machine from the working party transmission Jack.

power steering Pump BMW E36

Steering rack and power steering: Malfunctions & Repair

Mounted power steering pump BMW E36 engine front bottom right side, if you stand in front of the car. The tank, the rack and pump are located nearby.

Repair and maintenance

E36 power steering pumps are not repaired because the repair cost comparable to the cost of a new pump. The issue price of 50.e. for Chinese substitutes for up to 300 native BMW...

The trouble starts with the nasty sound of the power steering pump. If the sound is strong, similar to the grinding and reacts to movement of the steering wheel, the first thing is to check e36 power steering fluid level in the reservoir to the power steering. If empty, refill it and where to look for leaks (usually with the steering rack).

In addition to the missing power steering fluid in the system can get air, hoses (filter) can be clogged with debris or weakening of the V-belt (latest I have). In any case, apparent problems with any characteristic roar from under the hood, or the increase in the load on the steering wheel in turns.

Repair is first to replace power steering fluid, then, if that fails, the first is the replacement of the pump and fluid.