Diagnostics of heating of salon system malfunctions

Diagnostics of  heating of salon system malfunctionsFaulty BMW e36 heater can not only you to freeze (and by the way, what to you overheat it too), it can show you a malfunction of the engine, which necessarily need to be addressed. The fact that the heating of the cabin is inseparably connected with the engine cooling system of the car. The antifreeze, which cools the car's engine heats up and the radiator cooler BMW E36. The passing through the stove and heated it in the air then enters the passenger compartment. That is why diagnostics of malfunctions of system of heating of salon should start with checking the coolant level in the radiator cooling system of the engine.

But the missing antifreeze is just one of the breakdowns, although the most popular. If the oven doesn't work, BMW E36 this may be due to:
  1. the air in the cooling system
  2. broken valve stove (which is managed from the dashboard)
  3. broken fan oven
  4. car electrician problems

The fact that the valve of the stove bmw e36 is responsible for antifreeze entering the heating circuit of the cabin. In this case it is electrically operated by the controller from the salon. If the cooling system will be garbage (for example, the impeller broke once), this debris may break the valve. Moreover, the valve may be stuck in open and closed position. All your attempts to change the temperature of the air flow will be useless.

The force of the air flow in the cabin meets stove fan BMW E36. Everything here is also not easy. Blowing means it's working - not quite right. The question is, what would the muzzle is strong enough. Often, for these purposes, remove the cabin air filters, but to breathe the dust from the road is also not very nice and correct.

There are also less obvious damage. For example, such a thing as the thermostat in the BMW E36 is able to confuse the brain with its late opening / closing or samostatnosti contour of the stove with a normal level of antifreeze in the primary circuit of the cooling system. But properly, always start Troubleshooting with the most probable causes.

Diagnostics stoves BMW E36

the Fault



Not running the heater fan

Blown fuse fan motor

to Check the fan fuse, replace if necessary.

Defective fan switch

to Check whether there is voltage on the ballast resistances. If not, remove and check the fan switch.

Defect bimetallic switch of the ballast resistors

Replace the terminal block connection.

failure of the motor

to Check whether there is voltage at the motor terminals with the ignition on. If Yes, replace the motor.

the heater Fan does not work only in one position of the switch

Failure of the ballast resistance

Check the ballast resistance of the fan motor.

Insufficient capacity of the heating

Low coolant level

Check the coolant level and if necessary top up.

Defective coolant thermostat

Check and, if necessary, replace the thermostat.

't open the heater valve

Check the function of electromagnetic heater valve in the channel outlet of the coolant, to provide actuation.

Sweet smell of heated air, when you turn on the heating misted glass

Leaky heat exchanger

Check the tightness of the cooling system (working at the service station), to replace the heat exchanger.

the Noise in the fan district

the Penetration of dirt, leaves

to Remove the fan and clean it and the air channel.

the Imbalance of the rotor of the fan, the destruction of the bearing

to Remove and check operation of the fan.