The suspension tuning

The suspension tuningVehicle suspension is not only important for a comfortable and safe ride, but also a means of improving the speed of your car. Why do you need the power of the engine, if it is not possible to use it? At competitions there are cases when perfectly tuned suspension compensates for the lack of power of the automobile engine.

Suspension must provide to all road conditions maximum contact of your car with the road. That is its main goal. Only in the case when the wheel is on the pavement, the car can accelerate, turn or brake.

But not so simple in the suspension. Its parts and subassemblies must meet rather contradictory requirements. Hard short-stroke suspension is better holds the car on the road. But the soft long-travel suspension copes better with poor roads.

The best currently available choice is an adjustable suspension with dual coil springs. This allows you to change the ride height depending on the situation. In this case two springs of different stiffness can easily cope with irregularities on the road. The softer spring works at low speed the suspension, removing the small "ripples". The more rigid the spring is triggered when a softer fully compressed. This is a progressive stiffness characteristic of the suspension stroke. Usually in such suspensions are adjustable dampers that allow you to coordinate the efforts of the damping and stiffness of the progressive springs with automotive type rubber and the type of the roadway.

Setting a progressive sport suspension in the car, it is necessary to adjust corners of installation of wheels. Or, so-called alignments. It is responsible for better grip and control of the vehicle.

You'll be less slow down on the turns with the suspension. This will reduce the fuel consumption, because the Braking is causing inefficient use of fuel. The less you brake, the less you need to accelerate.

Another significant advantage of such a suspension is its reliability and versatility. This in turn will affect the longevity of other suspension components.

You will significantly improve driving performance of the car with the tuning. Although no visual effect will be.