Styling Your Car

Styling Your Car It's time to speak about exterior styling. Before getting down to business, try to draw a complete picture of what you want to see in the end. Without seeing the big picture, you run the venture of getting lost in minor things. You may spend a lot of money and time on them, and still be distressed about the result. Try finding photos of cars with the type of styling you would like to attain. Discuss the issue with several tuning & styling masters, or at least with car owners who have faced the same question. As a minimum, you need to have a rough idea about the styling result.

So, let's get started. You should begin styling your car from the wheels. The more funds you can allocate for this issue, the better. You'll be able to put your vehicle on wheels of greater diameter and complete that with high-quality tires. But bear in mind the road pavement quality issues. At great speed, a large alloy wheel can simply break if the car runs into a pothole. That's why a set of 18-19-inch wheel disks is a better choice. And don't forget that the whole wheel's diameter must not differ from the factory one. Otherwise, you will probably face issues concerning the speedometer, or the wheels will brush against the body or suspension while cornering or going over a pothole. The wider the tire, the better the look. Purchase a set of wide low-profile tires, they will give your ride a really beautiful look.

Deciding to fit your vehicle with front and rear bumpers, you should keep in mind the issues regarding poor roads and snowy winters. These body accessories of your car may suffer damages and require further money and effort investment. If Italy isn't your place of residence, choose the flossy stuff wisely, with a foundation of common sense.

Such body accessories as air vents, side vents and air intakes are very important in styling. Such modifications are meant not only to enhance the external appearance of the car. Air intakes help in cooling various components and aggregates, for example, the brakes.

Installing a spoiler on the boot lid is like changing hair color for a girl, who has some issues in her romantic relationship. Or even something more than that... Many people believe the boot lid spoiler is the most important styling component that should be mounted first off. Such parts virtually never undergo aerodynamic tests; however, the main function of a spoiler is improving the car's aerodynamic characteristics and increasing the downforce on the rear axle at great speed. In fact, such exterior tuning leads to opposite results. The car even loses hadleability at high speed. And if the spoiler is improperly mounted to the boot, this may result in corrosion or even disrepair. High-quality installation is possible only with involvement of special equipment, which cannot be found at every single service point. If your town has a service & maintenance place with a whirl tube, you are in luck's way.

In the end, we should note that real racing cars are equipped with aerodynamic body kits only for functionality purposes, and the spoilers don't always look aesthetically pleasing. Mounting a sportive body kit is a difficult and demanding affair which requires complex estimations and subjecting the vehicle to a lot of various experiments involving the whirl tube. Such a kit is modified for a specific car and crated for a specific type of racing competitions. If the car enters a race of another type, the aerodynamic body kit may lose its functionality. Let alone production passenger cars.