Running gear tuning in rough outline

Running gear tuning in rough outline- Why is this necessary? With better handling and optimal car control no one ever felt worse. If you have simply a stock car, the running gear improving will help you to enjoy the handling even more. If you transform your third model in the racing car, so you just can not do without the suspension improvement, otherwise you will not be able to use the additional potential that was removed from forced or swapped engine.

After your car has already the remade transmission and an engine is added with horsepower, it's time to do its running gear. Yes, your car can go fast and its engine roars so that passers have tinnitus. But still you can ride without consequences only in a straight line and only on a good road. If you want to give your bmw this sporty handling, you have to work hard or fork out. The main rule of sports tuning is that you without hesitation could sacrifice comfort in favor of speed, as you want a true sports car, not its resemblance! So, do not even choose between comfort and excellent opportunity to keep a road!

If you are not satisfied with your BMW E36 running gear, so the tuning with your own hands is also your way. For replacement your car running gear, you still have to spend on advanced sets of spare parts for some of the equipment (the last one you can borrow from friends). And choose huge interval of time for work.

The first thing - replacement of shock absorbers and springs

Running gear tuning in rough outlineIn any case, the first and most important thing that is made is the replacing of standard shock absorbers and springs with sports options. Still there are a lot of available options, for example Koni Sport, helical suspension (e36 coilovers) TA-Technix and others.

There are quite rigid variants, gas-filled are stable in work on long distances or heavy loads. But remember that the desire to accelerate a car can play a cruel joke, so when adjusting shock absorbers, it is important not to overdo it. The downside of too rigid suspension is the uncontrolled breakdown of back axis at a speed on a rough road.

If you decide on the BMW E36 tuning, there a lot of process videos in youtube, and even in the "sport" direction, do not forget about the handling improving, cornering stability increasing. Setting of more rigid suspension can help these all.

Running gear tuning in rough outlineComplete and correct starting with the suspension improvement BMW E36 tuning, which photo you constantly encounter in the vast network, includes a full complex of works under the car bottom. Except springs set and struts it will not prevent to replace silent blocks and ball-bearings with more survivable and hardy, anti-roll bars with rigid ones, place spacers under the center backbone and between cups. All this will make the body more rigid and predictable on a road.

After working over the suspension, it is worth to remember about wheels, tires, which it is better to change on sports ones. The coupling with a road at speed dependents on the rubber and not even in the last turn!